Sales module

If, in addition to renting out materials, your organisation also regularly sells materials on the basis of projects/assignments, then the sales module is an extra addition that you should not miss.

Sales module

If your organisation, in addition to renting out materials, also regularly sells materials on the basis of projects/orders, the sales module is an extra addition that should not be missing. With the sales module, it is possible to create sales orders and make purchases using an order recommendation list. The purchase of articles can also be done on the basis of minimum stock. All stock movements can be tracked in the system. From receipt of goods to release and movement of purchased goods. With the purchase invoice check you can directly check the invoice with the incoming goods. With the Scan and Recognise module, you do not even need to fill in anything when capturing your purchase invoice. 

Ordering advice

As a buyer, it is indispensable to have a good overview of materials that need to be purchased. Via the order advice, we can provide an overview of items to be purchased at any time on the basis of sales orders, rental projects, service and/or stock/availability.  

Purchase orders

It is possible to create purchase orders manually or to have them generated from the order advice. The purchase order can be sent to your supplier and various agreements can be made. In particular, your own purchase order number can be passed on as a mandatory reference on the invoices. This in turn makes purchase invoice checking very easy for the administration.

During the Corona period, many landlords started to sell. During this period, this module was further developed, together with our users, into one of RentBuddy's best-selling modules.

Partial deliveries

The receipt of purchase items does not always take place at one particular time. Therefore, it is possible to indicate that partial delivery is allowed. RentBuddy will make a notification of this and inform you whether all materials have been delivered.

Goods receipt

When items are to be received in the warehouse, this can be done via "goods receipt". You can specify exactly which purchase order will be delivered and which items have been delivered by the supplier. Your stock will be updated immediately when the items are received. This way, purchases can also remain in backorder. At any moment, you can see within the sales order whether the materials have arrived, so that your customer can be kept informed.

Purchase of rental items

The sales module can of course also be used to purchase and receive your own rental items using the goods receipt. With the 'In use rental' you can transfer a part of the received articles to your own rental fleet and keep the other part as sales stock.
With the direct registration of the serial numbers, you know exactly which Item is for rental and which Item is for sale.  

Stock position

RentBuddy knows exactly what the status of your articles is. The stock of rentals is completely different from the stock of sales. This is why the creation of rental software is also many times more complex than that of sales, which is actually nothing more than a simple calculation. Nevertheless, we go far with this. With RentBuddy's stock position, we know whether a Item is on the 'shelf', can be sold freely, has been reserved for a project, is ready for a packing list or whether a Item has been delivered (from the warehouse). 

Priority stock

It can happen that articles that have been received are shifted between different sales orders. For example, a project will be installed at a customer in 14 days, but a priority order from another customer also needs this Item . It is possible to assign stock to other sales orders and thus give priority to the order of delivery. After all, you still have 14 days to place another order, but in doing so, you make your new customer happy with the fast delivery. 

Fixed transfer price (FVP)

Sales items are often purchased from different suppliers, each with their own and often varying purchase prices. Since this can vary so much, it is always best to work with a "fixed transfer price", especially when it comes to showing the correct financial figures. This prevents you from comparing "apples with pears". Of course, in the event of strong deviations, it is possible to revalue the stock using the Revaluation option. RentBuddy keeps a history of the VVP for every sales item.


Some sales items can be returned by your client. With consumables, you can return sales items on a return slip and your stock/availability will be adjusted immediately. For example, take back batteries, drinks, tapes etc. 

Importing a catalogue

To keep your article database clean and still be able to easily use the articles from your suppliers, RentBuddy has the option of importing the suppliers' catalogues. During the creation of a sales order you can choose to use articles directly from the catalogue and offer them to your customer. The catalogue can be set up in Excel for each supplier and the correct columns can be assigned. 


Suppliers can be linked to articles, whereby price agreements can also be directly recorded, as well as whether partial delivery is permitted and what the other conditions are.

Brands (Appointments)

Defining brands for sales items ensures that certain price and discount agreements can be defined on brand. If your organization is also a dealer or supplier of a certain brand, you can record special agreements with your customers. In this way you can offer one (own) brand with larger discounts than brands for which you are not a supplier.

Minimum and maximum stock

You don't want to miss out, so you can set a minimum and maximum stock level for each sales item. If you use our ordering advice, you will receive a warning as soon as the minimum stock level is reached and you will know when to order. RentBuddy will then replenish your stock with orders up to the maximum stock.

Item management for sales items

We distinguish the sales articles from the other articles. Sale items have their own way of calculating the stock and it could also be that your organisation only sells certain items and does not rent them out. If sales items are also used within the rental (e.g. tape, batteries), then the checkbox 'Also for rental' can be ticked, so that your rental department does not have to deal with many sales items that are not used there.

Purchase invoice control

When a purchase invoice comes in, you want to check immediately whether the articles have also come in via the goods receipt. RentBuddy can use the purchase invoice check to immediately show an overview of which articles have been delivered by the relevant supplier from whom you receive the purchase invoice. This means that invoices can never be entered in this way if the goods have not actually been received in full. This also prevents the accidental payment of a purchase invoice of which the goods have yet to arrive. If this is nevertheless an obligation (for example by paying in advance), then this can be booked via the normal purchase book but outside of the purchase invoice check.

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