Additional modules

Get the most out of your RentBuddy application and link to extra modules for even more functionality.

Additional modules

To get even more out of the RentBuddy application, there are extra modules to choose from. Various links have been made possible with third-party services. For example, there are links with financial packages, Scad, debtor monitoring and MyPonto for reading bank statements. 

But there are also extra modules that have been developed entirely by RentBuddy itself, including its own Financial Package, Webshop API, Digital Plan Board, Digital Signature and a link to your Excel sheet as an Article Configurator. Or the Scan-and-Recognise function for RentBuddy Finance.

Webshop API

Your webshop developer can use our RentBuddy Webshop API which has been made suitable for webshops and/or other web pages that you yourself have worked on, for example. 

Using the Webshop API, your webshop developer gets access to the articles and can send the received orders directly to RentBuddy. RentBuddy gives you access to the orders received and, after approval, can send these on to your orders.

Digital Web Planboard materials and resources

A digital planning board for materials and resources, which can be opened from a web browser. This gives you the opportunity to get a weekly overview of all your projects with all resources such as Personnel, Transport and Items. The digital planning board is also often used to hang up large in the warehouse or canteen of your company. It gives employees direct access to the planning.

Your bank mutations directly in RentBuddy

- Every bank mutation updated and available to you with one press of a button
- Let RentBuddy Finance process your bank mutations automatically as much as possible.
- Payments of your debtors, monthly fixed mutations and creditors without further adjustments.

Ponto links RentBuddy to dozens of banks in as many countries from € 4 per month.

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Ponto bank link

To process your bank statements digitally within the RentBuddy Financial module, this module works together with MyPonto via a special link. Organisation MyPonto offers the possibility of having bank statements currently available in RentBuddy and processing them in the administration.
Often the bank statements can be recognised directly in the bookkeeping system and can also be booked directly.  

Exact online connection

Naturally, an integrated financial package has great added value, which is why RentBuddy offers its own RentBuddy Finance. This gives you much better insight into your figures. In addition, all the purchase invoices can be booked directly into the project. However, you or your bookkeeper may prefer to work with Exact Online. With our link to Exact Online we can export sales invoices and all the associated journal entries to your Exact Online environment.

Exact Online link

- Send PDF invoices and journal entries to Exact online
- Create new debtors automatically in Exact after invoicing

Exact Online

RentBuddy is not an Exact software partner. Our export is based on the Open API coupling with Exact.
Support on Exact is not provided by us and we advise you to discuss this in advance with your Exact partner or accountant.
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Various other financial links (Quickstart...)

Our own financial module, RentBuddy Finance, is a fully integrated financial package. But we also support various financial applications used by you or your accountant. If you prefer, we can support this to a certain extent. That is why we also link to various other financial applications, and by means of a link, sales invoices and debtors can be created in your own external financial application.

For a current list, please contact our sales department.

Invoicing is one thing, ensuring that payments arrive on time is another. In order to have this process run as automatically as possible, RentBuddy has made a link with the service department of

Reminders/reminders are sent automatically to your debtor via Payt. Payt can also be used to have the invoices from RentBuddy sent automatically and to have them paid via IDEAL. If it turns into a collection process, then you will have fully met the legal requirements. debtor monitoring

- Faster accounts receivable payments up to 30% faster
- Fully automated matching of your sales invoices and balances
Let Payt automatically send your invoices, reminders, letters of formal notice and collections.
- Also offer the possibility to have the invoices paid through IDEAL.

Carefree debtor monitoring

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Webservices (KVK, RDW, Postcode database)

With the link it is possible to create relations automatically from the trade register of the KvK.
You can enter various search terms, such as part of the name, postcode or even the KvK number to retrieve the relation.
All organisations that are searched and created using this link are linked to your own account. With one push on the button you can also directly update the relation data. If a company goes bankrupt, deregisters, changes its name or moves, it can be updated immediately.

This link also has an integration with the Dutch postcode database. If you enter the postcode and house number anywhere in RentBuddy where you can record an address, the address will immediately appear.

Finally, RentBuddy has applied the RDW link, which is also provided by this link. This allows you to search by registration number and gives you all the technical details of the vehicle, including the statutory expiry date of the MOT.


The strength of the Article Configurator is that you can use your own Microsoft Excel sheet to make a calculation of the article composition for your articles and that the result of the Excel sheet is sent directly to RentBuddy without the user having to do anything. The Article Configurator seems to be a fully integrated game of question and answer. This can be used to calculate complex tents, stages or even transport calculations, ballasts and stands. The power is in your Excel.

SCAD/ PYTA drawing program link

With the Article Configurator module, you also get direct access to the possibility of importing SCAD exports into RentBuddy. You make a technical drawing in Scad or Pyta and arrange the export. We ensure that the items are reserved in RentBuddy. As a stand-builder, it is of course important to have the materials available during the customer's exhibition. However, a visual presentation completes this.
The link has been made so that you can import multiple exports simultaneously. So 6 main stages in one offer? No problem. Each import is automatically assigned to a separate task.

DigiSign (Digital Signing)

With the extra module RentBuddy DigiSign you can ensure that the quotes are digitally signed using our own system.
The web page can be designed in your own style, so that your own house style is implemented.

When you sign the contract in RentBuddy, a signal is also given and you automatically receive a confirmation e-mail.

RentBuddy OnRoute

Route planning, composing trips, loadings and determining the most optimal route. Taking into account pickups and deliveries, time windows in which the customer expects to receive the materials or have them picked up. With the RentBuddy EnRoute mobile app, you can send your drivers on their way with all the information they need.

RentBuddy OnRoute provides insight into:

  1. Addresses and route sequence
  2. Customer's desired (delivery/pickup) times
  3. Possibility of signature for receipt
  4. Taking pictures (in case of damages, for example)
  5. Planning can immediately see which assignments have been completed.
  6. Time slots can be created
  7. LIVE changes and comments can be communicated both to the driver and the driver to the planning/commission.

WhatsApp business

In the staff scheduling module, it is possible to link to the WhatsApp business API. You do need to meet all of WhatsApp's conditions for this. But it will also be possible to send staff and freelancers invitations via fixed templates, in addition to E-mail and the BackStage App.

With simple buttons one can react immediately. Even if you don't get all the functionalities of WhatsApp at the moment, a new module that is greatly appreciated by our planners and employees.

Manage your projects faster
than before

The most complete ERP
solution for the rental industry

RentBuddy CRM can compete with renowned CRM applications and links to Postcode and KvK.

Material management

From single rental items, to loose and fixed items, combinations and alternatives.


From a single storage area to multiple warehouses with transfers and internal movements of material.

Quotations, rentals and sales

From quotation to order confirmation and from hiring and purchasing to sales and installation projects.

Staff and vehicle planning

Detailed timetables, inviting staff and assigning functions to your projects.

Time and expense registration

The personnel module with the hour, expense and leave and overtime registration

Backstage mobile app

Providing call sheets, feedback and repair notifications to both in-house and freelancers.

Service, repair and maintenance

Manage your own materials or service and/or repair third-party materials, as well as view inspection days.

Financial administration

A fully integrated financial administration or links to external financial packages.