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In particular, full-service rental is often the case in this rental sector.
Especially the personnel and vehicle planning is an indispensable module. 

Staff and vehicle planning

As a full-service supplier, you not only supply the materials, often in multiple timelines and across multiple stages and areas, but you also take care of the construction and supply the crew. But all too often, you cannot do without the deployment of extra freelancers. How do you invite them? With your own dispatcher , you communicate easily by e-mail, the RentBuddy BackStage APP and even a possibility to communicate via the WhatsApp module. With RentBuddy, you can easily make a timetable for events lasting several days, record the staffing requirements on the various timelines and, of course, directly schedule your own staff. 


We are going to digitalise more and more. That also means that we want to do away with sending out packing lists and call sheets. With the RentBuddy BackStage app, you now have a complete subsystem alongside RentBuddy to make your planning complete. All your own employees and freelancers can have access to the complete project information. Freelancers and employees can also register their hours and expenses.

Event module

RentBuddy's Events module is an excellent tool for easily recording events, which can then be converted to a Project with one press of a button.

Staff and vehicle planning

RentBuddy offers extensive personnel and vehicle planning.
Personnel can be planned for projects, but it is also possible to add individual plans.
Availability, leave and any working hours can be taken into account during the planning. It is also possible to invite staff via e-mail or RentBuddy App, and call sheets can be printed out.

Making offers

Sending out your quotations must be done easily and well. A good overview of previously created quotations is of great importance. A beautiful and unique quotation layout is also an image to the outside world. With our extensive tools, you can create beautiful and extensive quotations the way you want them! 

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