Making offers

Sending out your quotations must be done easily and well. A clear overview of previously created quotations is of great importance. In addition to your own quotations, you can also view the quotations of your colleagues if you wish.

Making offers

Sending out your quotations must be quick and easy, but also done well. A clear overview of previously created quotations is of great importance. A unique and attractive quotation layout is part of your total image to the outside world. With our extensive built-in tools, you can create quotations as elaborate as you want and in a style that you can think of. We know (almost) no limitations.

Own layouts

When you are going to issue a quotation, you want to do this as professionally as possible. After all, the appearance of your quotations is your business card. That is why we offer our customers an extensive reporting/layout development tool for FREE . This is included as standard in the RentBuddy App! More and more clients do not want to show a laundry list of articles, but want to give a nice presentation in PDF. A tool with almost infinite possibilities is the solution for this.
RentBuddy has no restrictions on the number of layouts you want to use. Think for example of an extensive quotation, a concise quotation, a quotation with only a description or a quotation with all the details and complete atmosphere. You can often tell from a layout what software the user is working with. This will absolutely not be the case with RentBuddy. 

Hide/show order lines per project

During the creation of your rental projects or in one of our other project modules, you can adjust quotations or invoices so that you can indicate exactly which item lines should be printed or not. This can be developed entirely to your liking with the report/layout development tool.

Text templates

Your quotations can be provided with text templates, images, graphics, etc.
When sending your quotation, you can immediately include the General Terms and Conditions, for example, but specific documentation can also be included per quotation. Think for example of Construction drawings, location photos, etc. 

Multiple language quote (International)

All quotations and invoices can be used internationally.
This means that you can translate your layout directly within one and the same layout. You therefore do not have to create a new layout file for each language, but can only be processed in one layout. In this way, any changes in the layout of your layouts can also be processed in one place immediately.

Digital signing

With the extra module RentBuddy DigiSign you can ensure that quotations can be digitally signed by your client upon approval using our own system "“. The webpage can be set up in your own style, so that your house style can be carried through on the site.

Order confirmation

When a quotation is signed, you have the option of sending an order confirmation e-mail to the client. Here it is optional whether a special layout should be added. An order confirmation can also be sent directly, without a prior quotation. The digital signing is made in such a way that you can also use it for an order confirmation.

Text lines, page breaks, blank lines

A quotation must be very clear for your customer. Adding your own text lines and/or blank lines can help keep it clear. You may also want to start some of the articles on a new page. Adding a page break line makes this easy. This prevents RentBuddy from showing that your quote has been prepared quickly but that you have paid attention to it. 

Grouping items by quotation

When recording order lines in a project, RentBuddy can automatically classify the articles on the basis of self-created article master groups.

In principle, every quotation you produce has the same order and arrangement of order lines. For example, your quote will always start with Sound, Video and under that your personnel and transport.
We have made it so that you can switch the grouping on and off for each project.

Tasks (Tabs within your project)

Applying tasks within a project has many advantages.
For example, tasks can be used for multiple areas/locations/rooms within the same project. It can also be used to clearly distinguish the personnel/transport from the materials.
The tasks can also be used to offer options.
Our customers are very creative when it comes to applying the tasks. Duplicate a room to room 2? Tasks can be duplicated easily.

Manage your projects faster
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The most complete ERP
solution for the rental industry

RentBuddy CRM can compete with renowned CRM applications and links to Postcode and KvK.

Material management

From single rental items, to loose and fixed items, combinations and alternatives.


From a single storage area to multiple warehouses with transfers and internal movements of material.

Quotations, rentals and sales

From quotation to order confirmation and from hiring and purchasing to sales and installation projects.

Staff and vehicle planning

Detailed timetables, inviting staff and assigning functions to your projects.

Time and expense registration

The personnel module with the hour, expense and leave and overtime registration

Backstage mobile app

Providing call sheets, feedback and repair notifications to both in-house and freelancers.

Service, repair and maintenance

Manage your own materials or service and/or repair third-party materials, as well as view inspection days.

Financial administration

A fully integrated financial administration or links to external financial packages.