Project management

A serious rental package cannot do without flexible project management. RentBuddy shows you from all disciplines which projects and timelines need to be prepared. 

Project management

Naturally, rental software cannot do without an extensive Project Management module. In RentBuddy, you can create rental projects that can then be quoted and invoiced.

Project types

Projects can be divided into project types. In RentBuddy, a project type can be used in a wide variety of ways. For example, you can make a distinction between trade fairs, sporting events, festivals, B2B meetings, etc. The project types can also be used to get an overview of the success rates. Each project type can be colour-coded to give you an immediate overview of what kind of project it is.

Non-reservation of materials on project

It is possible to create a project in which the defined materials are not reserved and/or blocked in the material planning. This is useful if you want to share a quotation or just a price indication with your customer. But also when you want to keep the materials available for other confirmed projects.  

Staff and vehicle planning not reserved

Not all projects require personnel or transport planning. It is therefore possible to hide projects in the personnel and vehicle planning module. For example, think of DryHire projects where the customer picks up his own materials.

Project statuses / workflow

Applying tasks within a project has many advantages.
You can use tasks for multiple areas/locations/rooms within the same project. It can be used to clearly distinguish your staff/transport from your materials.
Tasks are also used to offer options. RentBuddy users are very creative when it comes to applying the tasks. 

Multiple timelines / periods

A project can contain an unlimited number of timelines. There are many situations when you want to use multiple timelines.
If it is not for the purpose of being able to show multiple rental and/or user periods on one quotation, it should also be used to keep track of the availability of materials. This availability is calculated on the basis of one or more planning periods within a project and can be recorded down to the minute. 

Pick-up and drop-off appointments

For each timeline and therefore also for each project, you can record the agreements, such as when you will deliver or return the materials or when the customer can collect or return the materials himself. The agreements you have made in this way are visible in the warehouse, packing list and various other overview screens.

Price agreement / Project completion

When a newly created project is completed, a special project price is often agreed. In RentBuddy, you can generate a total project discount percentage or a total project discount amount, and also record and offer a special all-in project price. 

Discounts, Surcharges (Insurance)

Various other agreements can also be made on a rental project. These include item discounts, graduated prices, rate structures, mark-ups and total rounding off discounts. Of course, these agreements can be set by default with the customers/relationships so that the agreed discounts and any surcharges are immediately applied when creating the project. On the rental project, you can always deviate or determine whether the agreements are applied.


Various documents can be recorded behind each project.
Documents can be sent along with a quote, used for staff planning or possibly made available especially for employees who use our RentBuddy Backstage Smartphone App.  

Notes / Feedback

Per project you have the possibility to register notes, repairs or feedback. These notes are mainly created in the RentBuddy App and can always be read back in the project. 

Controlling hours and expenses

All hours and expenses written to a project can be viewed via the project. Even when an employee has not yet fully registered his hours on the project, you can immediately book the hours for this employee or give the employee a signal to do so. The hours can then be approved by the relevant person in RentBuddy.  

Compare planned hours vs written hours

In the project post-calculation you can get an indication of the planned and written hours. This can be viewed per project, but there is also a general overview of what hours were written by the employee, as well as the hours that were planned for this employee. This gives you even more insight in the planning versus the actual written hours.

prepared for picking

Each project has a separate status that can be used to indicate that a project is ready to be picked in the warehouse. As soon as the project is ready to be picked, the project will be visible in the warehouse in a specially created "entry and exit" overview. Because you now know that a project is ready in the warehouse, you also know that in case of changes in the materials, the warehouse needs to be informed.
RentBuddy also ensures that the warehouse can immediately see the status of the project. The chance that items are forgotten is thus minimised. 

Main and sub-projects

Multiple projects can be linked together. This way you have a main project and an unlimited number of sub-projects.
From the main project you can make a collective invoice, but also each sub-project can be invoiced separately. In addition, from the main project, one packing list can be made of all main and sub-projects.  

Project templates

Of course projects can be copied if necessary, but it can also happen that projects are very similar and that it is then more convenient to prepare a project completely. Think for example of artist tours, fairs, fixed events etc.

A project template is a complete project with everything from material to time schedule and transport planning. If you want to create a new rental project, you can use a predefined project template.

Checklist / Task list

For each project, you can create different checklist items that can be assigned to RentBuddy users. When a checklist is assigned to a user, that user will receive a message that there are checklist items present. Think of appointments such as 'arrange hotel', 'take location photos', etc.

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Material management

From single rental items, to loose and fixed items, combinations and alternatives.


From a single storage area to multiple warehouses with transfers and internal movements of material.

Quotations, rentals and sales

From quotation to order confirmation and from hiring and purchasing to sales and installation projects.

Staff and vehicle planning

Detailed timetables, inviting staff and assigning functions to your projects.

Time and expense registration

The personnel module with the hour, expense and leave and overtime registration

Backstage mobile app

Providing call sheets, feedback and repair notifications to both in-house and freelancers.

Service, repair and maintenance

Manage your own materials or service and/or repair third-party materials, as well as view inspection days.

Financial administration

A fully integrated financial administration or links to external financial packages.