Have your invoices paid via Mollie

Mollie link possible

If you work with SmartDocs in the cloud in RentBuddy, then from version 6.8 onwards you will have the option of fully integrating your Mollie account in RentBuddy. Don't have an account yet? Then contact Mollie.

What can you do with it in RentBuddy 6?

With the Mollie integration you can create a payment link within quotes and invoices. You can link it to your Mollie account. Don't have an account yet? Then get in touch with Mollie. Of course, you'll need to provide them with credentials and documents to be able to officially receive payments. We can't help you with that. But if you have a valid account, you can continue with the integration.

Register API key

The link is established through your Apikeys of Mollie. Within your Mollie account, go to Developers | API keys and register a LIVE API key and TEST API key. Copy one of these API keys and paste it into the parameter of RentBuddy. To do this, search for the parameter[MOLLIE_API_KEY] and save your Mollie API key in this parameter.


Your first test

To check whether the integration was successful, go to the debtors and select a customer with at least one invoice. We choose a outstanding invoice and press the button below to create the link. As soon as you press this button, a link will be created and a browser will open automatically with the payment link in Mollie. You can customize the look-and-feel of this page in your Mollie account so you really have your own payment page.

Create the QR code and print it on your layout

The payment link to your Mollie account can be included in your layouts and email messages. You can, for example, provide them with a QR code. We'd like to help you realise this and add it to your existing invoice layouts. With our simple explanations, you can do this yourself very quickly. If you want to create a payment link, you can do so by checking the box Create or send payment link check the box. From that moment on, a link is created on the invoice for the outstanding amount. If the customer has made a partial payment and the payment link is no longer correct, you can simply generate it again with the correct outstanding amount of the invoice.