About us

About us

A brief introduction to RentBuddy as your potential new automation partner.

The creators of RentBuddy

Software developer RentBuddy has been active in the rental sector since 2009 (previously OakSoft B.V.). Founded by owner Geert van Erven, who had experienced in the past that specialisation had twice delivered him market leadership! The first time, Geert developed special software for the waste processing industry, followed by a tailor-made software package for the legal profession. As a radio producer, artist and DJ, despite his success in other branches, the world of events continued to attract him. Finally, he realised his dream again: the development of High End Software for professional event organisers!

The positive development of the new application was quickly recognised in the upper segment of the rental market. Various leading rental companies wanted to support the further development of RentBuddy. Their input was the basis for the currentRentBuddypackage. A product that clearly originated from practice.


RentBuddy sees it as a challenge to cope with the complexity of the rental market in terms of software. The solutions for this can be processed in a complete ERP package that is within the reach of the serious and professional rental sector, from small to large. With this broad package, one should be able to run a complete rental organisation from A to Z. 

RentBuddy does not want to be or become a 'box-turner'. The personal contact and cooperation with the client is paramount. Creating a real partnership is one of the most important pillars on which we rest!

We specialise in the rental sector

For over 12 years, we have been one of the leading suppliers of ERP software for the events industry. The AV rental, party, tent, stage and sanitation and other facilities suppliers of events gratefully make use of the most complete software package within your industry. It is therefore not surprising that we speak your language. RentBuddy Rent is made for and by the industry itself and our years of experience ensure that we are your point of contact for the automation of your rental activities.

We look forward to
a beautiful cooperation