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B2B events, parties and celebrations? This sector has special needs.
Link to your webshop, cleaning costs and breakages, defects and packaging? And what about our new Dryhire and collection and delivery service.

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Article configurator

In addition to supplying the rental equipment, one often also supplies the catering. The article configurator is often used for this too. By means of a question-and-answer game that you set up yourself, RentBuddy can make a proposal of a composed Item or set completely independently. For example, how many guests have been invited to your client's event, are there children present, do they want wine or beer and do they want the beer from bottles or on tap? After the questions have been asked, Rentbuddy automatically generates a drink proposal to reserve as sales items on your rental project. RentBuddy immediately shows the availability of your stock and, if required, can purchase directly from your supplier. 

Cleaning costs

In the party rental business, there is, of course, usually a cleaning fee. There are suppliers who charge this on to the customer as a fixed price or storage charge. But just as often we find that only used crockery, cutlery and glassware are charged for cleaning costs. RentBuddy supports both and, from the returns screen, it is possible to choose directly how much cleaning costs should be charged.

Shortcomings and deficiencies

In addition to the cleaning costs, on the returns screen you can also directly choose to register defects. These defects can be postponed to a later date, giving the customer the opportunity to look for the missing materials. If the materials are not returned, you have the option of deducting the defects directly from your stock. Whether you charge the materials to your customer is of course up to you. This will strongly depend on your costs. The processing and invoicing is then fully automatic. 


RentBuddy lets the specialists do their work. Developing a webshop is the work of specialists. Through an API, service bureaus link directly to the RentBuddy application. Web orders are imported directly into the RentBuddy application and materials can be made available in your webshop with one click of a button.  

Staff and vehicle planning

RentBuddy offers extensive personnel and vehicle planning.
Personnel can be planned for projects, but it is also possible to add individual plans.
Availability, leave and any working hours can be taken into account during the planning. It is also possible to invite staff via e-mail or RentBuddy App, and call sheets can be printed out.

Making offers

Sending out your quotations must be done easily and well. A good overview of previously created quotations is of great importance. A beautiful and unique quotation layout is also an image to the outside world. With our extensive tools, you can create beautiful and extensive quotations the way you want them.  

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