Paying into a G-Account

Freelancers and hired workers pay into your agency's G-Account.

Temporary workers

Do you often use temporary workers and/or employment agencies? In the rental sector, this is actually quite common. But do you also pay part of the received purchase invoice to a G account? It is sensible and often even mandatory.  

Because this is a regular occurrence in our sector, we have now also facilitated it. G-Account payments are now possible within RentBuddy from version 6.8 or later.

Creditor with G-Account

In future, you can easily register the G-Account with your creditor as well as a distribution percentage that applies as standard to the invoices. In the case of a creditor with a G-Account, it is possible to indicate in the Purchase Journal whether you want to split the payment of the purchase invoice between the two accounts.

Scan & Recognise
If you even make use of RentBuddy's Scan & Recognise module, there is a very good chance that this will be fully recognised if you clearly state the division of the G account with account numbers and amounts. In various tests, the G account was recognised in 85% of the cases and the amounts were automatically split. An enormous time saving and much less chance of mistakes or forgetting to split up the payments.

It is of course possible to include these payments in your payment batches. RentBuddy will always ensure that the part reserved for the G Account remains blocked from the total outstanding amount.

When booking your purchase invoice, you can distribute the payments

Payment batch

In the overview of the payment orders, we can also easily show whether a payment has been made to a G account by displaying an icon for the bank account number with a G .

See below for a brief introduction