Repair for third parties

If you regularly repair or maintain not only your own articles but also those of third parties, it may be wise to use the additional module, Repair for third parties.

Repair for third parties

RentBuddy has a standard 'service and maintenance' module available. This can be used to maintain items in your own database. However, if much more information and costs need to be recorded for a repair, the repair for third parties module is a better option. It is then also possible to record articles from external parties in order to repair them. This can take into account the purchase of parts, materials, hours/expenses incurred and various guarantees/agreements and invoicing of the repairs. 

Repair projects

All repair orders receive their own repair contract, which are listed in a separate overview. Your technical department has its own overview of repair orders and can use almost all functionalities that are also present in a standard rental project or sales order. 


It is possible to indicate how the guarantees are running per repair and per Item. RentBuddy gives you the opportunity to record these data at three different times.

  1. When taking back the repair
  2. during the handling of the repair or
  3. when articles are returned from a supplier

Consumables per repair

Per repair, consumables will be used to repair items. All consumables can be recorded in RentBuddy and charged to the client for that repair. Every Item that is being worked on has its own list of materials per repair.

Warehouse and stock consumables

All consumables can be created in the article management of sales.
The stock can be recorded in a separate consumable warehouse, if required. 

Purchasing materials

Consumables have their own stock and availability.
All consumables can be purchased from purchase orders or via an order recommendation. For this you need to be in possession of the extensive sales module.

All the advantages of Sales Order / Service and Maintenance

The repair for third parties module is a combination of sales orders from the sales module and the standard service and maintenance part. You can work with: a catalogue, goods receipts, RMA registration, personnel and vehicle planning, purchase invoice control, packing slips, etc. This does justice to RentBuddy's total ERP package.

Capture accessories

When accepting articles, accessories are often included as well. It is therefore possible in RentBuddy to record these accessories correctly, so that they are not forgotten or so that there is no discussion with the customer about which accessories should or should not be included.

Repair status

A status can be linked per Item and per repair.
This gives you a better workflow and a clear overview of all repairs recorded in RentBuddy. 

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Service, repair and maintenance

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