Time and expense registration

Time and expense registration

Recording hours and expenses has become increasingly important. You want to know immediately whether more or fewer hours have been worked on a project and whether unforeseen expenses have been incurred, which may have to be paid by the client.
With the RentBuddy BackStage App on your phone, recording will be easier and faster.

Time recording

Hours can be recorded per project, but also without a project in RentBuddy. All the hours recorded can be checked and adjusted from RentBuddy. It is also possible to record hours by specifying a period using a start and end date.

Types of work

Simply stating the number of hours or stating a start and end time is sometimes not enough. You also want to know what the hours were spent on. Therefore, you have the possibility to create an unlimited number of fixed work types, giving you a nice overview of the hours made and what they were spent on. Think for example of office hours, construction, break, project management hours etc.

Contract hours / working hours

For employees, you can record contract hours per month or working hours per day. This information will be used to provide a clear overview of the hours spent by employees. These can then be used in the periodic settlements.

Annual review hourly balance

When you use contract hours, you have the option of requesting a monthly overview of the balance of hours worked or written per employee.
You can use this overview for your salary administration.
The annual review can be made visible in a compact but also in a very extensive way. If you like to use working hours per day, an overview of the hours worked or written per employee can be generated per month.
This overview is very detailed and can also be used for salary administration. 

Hourly correction

It is possible to apply automatic time corrections to written hours. Think for example of the automatic depreciation of lunch breaks.

Clocking in and out

Per employee you can define a pin code for the clock-in and clock-out screen that is processed within our application. This way, people can clock in and out from their workplace at the office or warehouse. It goes without saying that you can also clock in and out on your phone using the RentBuddy BackStage App. All the hours recorded can be logged per project, but also without a project.

Leave balance

RentBuddy has a personnel planning system in which leave requests can also be made. When the employee's manager approves the leave requests, he or she must also calculate what will happen to the leave hours of the employee. For each employee, a "start of leave hours" and "open leave hours" can be recorded. Eventually, you will get an overview of the leave balance per employee that can be used for your salary administration.

Print timesheet

The printing of written hours is possible from RentBuddy. Time sheets can be printed and filtered by period, employee and/or project/file. 

Expenses registration

Expenses can be recorded per project, but also without a project. When you record expenses "behind" a project, they will be included in the subsequent calculation.  

Fixed rate for expenses

You can set a fixed rate per expense type. If this is overwritten, it will be indicated.

Annex to expenses

You also want to be able to immediately capture a photo of your receipt or invoice for expenses in RentBuddy. The attachment can be linked directly to an expense record.
A photo or attachment can be added directly from your phone via the RentBuddy app.

Print cost statement

The printing of the recorded expenses is possible from RentBuddy. Expense reports can be printed and filtered by period, employee and/or project/ file

Declaring hours per case

It is possible that you have special projects where hours need to be invoiced in a different way. For example, hours as a service. The so-called 'hourly bill' projects. If this is the case for you, we will be happy to discuss it during a demo.

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