Personnel & Vehicle Planning

One of RentBuddy's most important modules. We offer full service hirers a very extensive personnel and vehicle planning.

Staff and vehicle planning

RentBuddy offers extensive personnel and vehicle planning.
Personnel can be planned for projects, but it is also possible to add individual plans. During the planning youcan take into account theavailability, leave and any working hours of the employees. It is also possible to invite the crew via e-mail, whatsApp Business or the RentBuddy App and to print out call sheets.


One or more time schedules can be defined for each project. The time plan gives you the opportunity to record the staffing requirements so that it is easy for the planners to see what needs to be done. The schedule can be set up dynamically, but it can also contain a fixed pattern. Repetitive TV broadcasts or shows, for example.

Timetable Templates / Copy

Sometimes schedules for a particular event/assignment can be virtually identical to each other. In RentBuddy you can create an unlimited number of preset timetables.
It is also possible to copy a timetable from an already created project. RentBuddy will always take into account the planning and rental period of the project in which the schedule is placed. If the planner places the schedule outside the timelines of the project, this will be made clear by means of colours.

Loose planning

Staff can of course be planned for projects, but sometimes you want to schedule staff for things outside of those projects. For this purpose, we have provided the possibility to add separate schedules in the staff planning. For example, think of cleaning out the warehouse or picking up materials from a supplier.

Inviting / Fiatting planning

From within the staff schedule, an e-mail can be sent to the employee inviting him to join. In the e-mail, he can respond to the invitation using buttons. The employee can also use his RentBuddy App (extra module) to get an overview of all the projects for which he is 'temporarily' scheduled or invited. Whether he or she has approved the planning can be recorded in both the staff planning and the RentBuddy App. 

Staff Information Centre

A special programme has been written that makes it possible to send call sheets, work orders and other documentation for a project directly and quickly. In this way, the employees who are scheduled or asked to work on the projects receive their much-needed information. 


Availability can be specified per employee and per day. From RentBuddy, you can indicate whether an employee is fully available, temporarily available or unavailable. This can be accompanied by a note if necessary, so that you can include all the details you need. Your employee can also use the RentBuddy app to pass on their availability to the planning department from their phone.


Leave days and hours can be registered with the employees.
A leave day must always be approved, so that the personnel planning can take this into account. Leave can also beapproved with reservations , so the employee knows that the leave day can still be cancelled.

Through the RentBuddy App (extra module), the employee can request leave days and see whether they have been approved or rejected.

Employee documentation

Documentation can be recorded for the employees created in the system. This documentation can be protected for certain users in RentBuddy. 

Employee information for planner

Sometimes it can be useful to be able to record additional information or notes about employees that can be used specifically in personnel planning.  

Staff type (classifying)

Employees can be classified, creating a nice overview of for example; Full timers, Freelancers, Stagairs etc. Unlimited number of staff types can be created. On several screens, your classification will be visible and can be applied within the application.


It is also possible to set rates for employees.
Think of a daily rate, hourly rate, KM compensation, cost price by function, etc. These rates can be used for subsequent calculation, but also when hiring freelancers/employees.
This gives you direct insight into the personnel budget and which employees meet it.

Competences / Certificates and Skills

Not only tariffs are important, of course. Even more important are often the competences and qualities of your employees. Mapping these out will help the planning department to find the right employee. Who has a certain certificate and who is the best person for communication? Within RentBuddy, you can name the competencies yourself and record them without limitation.   

Working hours

Determining the agreed working hours can help with staff planning, leave requests and possibly time registration. Of course, the planner can work around the working hours of the staff, but it helps to keep your crew happy by keeping their working hours as far as possible.


Each employee can have an unlimited number of functions.
Functions such as driver, trainee etc. can be assigned to an employee. If an employee has not yet been assigned a certain function, it is still possible to schedule this employee, but an additional warning will be shown stating that this employee does not fulfil the requested function.

Callsheet / Work orders

Although we do more and more with our phones, printing or creating a callsheet is still a big wish of many users. That is why we have various call sheets and work orders available in RentBuddy.


Capturing your fleet is the first step in vehicle planning. Via a possible RDW link (web services), you can retrieve the necessary information on the basis of the vehicle registration number, such as passengers, weights, mass, dimensions and date of the compulsory MOT check, etc. Photos and documentation can also be recorded per vehicle.

If your vehicle is part of a rental (think mobile expo or registration vans), it can also be linked to Item so that it can be rented out as "Item".

Assigning a driver

In the vehicle planning you have the possibility to specify who will be the driver of the vehicle. This can be useful for long distance trips or for other purposes. For each vehicle, you can also schedule the other passengers in addition to the driver.
So every employee knows which vehicle and with whom he or she is travelling to the destination or location.

Route additions

Routes and trips can also be added to the wagon planning per wagon. This means that you can indicate that a supplier, warehouse or a location must be driven first.  

Loose transport planning

A vehicle is sometimes scheduled for an MOT or for individual (small) journeys. In the vehicle schedule it is possible to create individual transports and thus block the vehicle in the schedule.

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