RentBuddy software overview

software overview

The RentBuddy basic package consists of:

RentBuddy wants to offer your rental company the most complete package possible. That is why we have chosen to provide the basic package of RentBuddy with as many functionalities as possible. The 'basic package' of Rentbuddy can be expanded at any time with extra modules, services, apps, various Links and APIs.

RentBuddy software is a Windows client application that allows us to make optimal use of all the power of your workplace and supports the use of multiple monitors.

If you are using an Apple / IOS product, you will need access to a Windows environment.
Various solutions are available for this such as Parallels Desktop, VMware, RDP.
Consult your system administrator on what would be best for you.


RentBuddy Basic Package can be expanded with various (advanced) modules. These can ensure that you get more out of RentBuddy and that any external software parties can be completely replaced by the total ERP package from RentBuddy Rent! 

Links and APIs

Linking to third-party software and services is now a standard demand in the market.
Although we believe that 'island automation' should be avoided, RentBuddy naturally supports various specialist links and always makes use of the latest modern techniques. For more information about the links and APIs, please contact our sales department. 

Some of the partners with whom we are already linking:

Your bank mutations directly in RentBuddy

- Every bank mutation updated and available to you with one press of a button
- Let RentBuddy Finance process your bank mutations automatically as much as possible.
- Payments of your debtors, monthly fixed mutations and creditors without further adjustments.

Ponto links RentBuddy to dozens of banks in as many countries from € 4 per month.

Contact Ponto
Click Here debtor monitoring

- Faster accounts receivable payments up to 30% faster
- Fully automated matching of your sales invoices and balances
Let Payt automatically send your invoices, reminders, letters of formal notice and collections.
- Also offer the possibility to have the invoices paid through IDEAL.

Carefree debtor monitoring

Contact Payt
Click Here

Exact Online link

- Send PDF invoices and journal entries to Exact online
- Create new debtors automatically in Exact after invoicing

Exact Online

RentBuddy is not an Exact software partner. Our export is based on the Open API coupling with Exact.
Support on Exact is not provided by us and we advise you to discuss this in advance with your Exact partner or accountant.
Click Here


More and more operations are carried out using a phone or tablet.
Information about projects, planning and stock must be immediately available, and RentBuddy has developed apps that make this possible. For more information about our apps, please visit the relevant page or contact our sales department. 


Once you have become a customer, you are entitled to a "kick-off". This means that a RentBuddy consultant will come to you and your staff to give basic instructions on how to work with the package and how best to handle the data during the implementation. This personal contact distinguishes us from the subscription providers.

Apart from this, it is possible at any time to request additional consultancy and guidance during the journey. One of our consultants will then visit you. We also regularly provide in-house training or you and your key users can visit us for personal advice, on any subject whatsoever!


Cloud and/or On-premise

RentBuddy offers you the possibility of hosting the Database (SQL) and documents entirely at cloud . It is also possible to run everything on your own servers. More information about Cloud and/or On-premises can be found on this website. Of course, you can also contact our sales department for more information. 


Licences Concurrent Users:

Regardless of whether the user is using only the RentBuddy basic package, or whether
has expanded it with extra modules, services, apps, APIs or links,
the user can always choose between two types of licence.

RentBuddy is available in Full and Small Licences. With the Full Licence, the RentBuddy user can do basically everything! He or she can enter, modify and delete data. It is up to your system manager, who can determine what each individual user in the system may or may not do by means of authorisation.

With the Small Licence, the RentBuddy user can in principle read out all the data. It is not possible to enter, change or delete data in large parts of the software. However, it is still possible to do operational things such as print out packing slips, return slips and man tickets in the warehouse! It is also possible to manage personal data such as time registration, expense claims, etc. Therefore, the Small License is used especially for warehouse employees and support crew. 

Both licence types are based on the "Concurrent Users" method, which means that the licence is not tied to a person.
Each licence used by a person occupies one licence, i.e. that licence cannot be used by another user at that time. Once the user logs out, this licence becomes free again for another employee. Useful if you employ part-timers. In this way, they can take over from each other at different working hours and thus work with only one licence! When you purchase RentBuddy, you determine the maximum number of people who will be using it simultaneously.