Option of temporary employment agencies

Overcoming challenges...

To say that planning staff for your projects is currently the biggest challenge in years is an understatement. Staff planners come home overworked and try to keep an overview of the huge shortage of crew members. The past few weeks, we have been discussing with a number of planners what we could add to the staff planning for them in order to deal with the major challenges. This consultation resulted in a number of options and improvements that are now available and can be added as an extra option to your license of the staff schedule. These options are available from version 6.8 of RentBuddy Rent. 

We already explain some of the options here on our website.


Temporary employment agencies transparent

Temporary employment agencies are increasingly being called in to solve the great shortage of personnel. Specialised CrewAgencies often supply dozens of employees for a project. That communication, too, requires more and more attention. So as a planner, how do you keep an overview in an already overheated period? One way of doing this is by using the Temporary Work Agency option.

How does it work?
If you are in possession of this option then you can easily create the temporary employment agency or crew agency as a relation. Next, you indicate by means of a classification that, in addition to being a creditor, the relation is also a temporary employment agency. If you then click on the employment agency you want to enable, you get the option to add the number of crew members you want to invite to the schedule. As soon as you fill this in, it becomes visible everywhere in the planning.

You can see from the new Temporary Employment Agency icon that there are 3 crew members from S-Tech Meppen coming to the project in this example. Thus, they can be confirmed immediately and the appointments registered. In the agenda overview of the staff planning, it is also visible that the employees from the temporary employment agency have been recorded.

Sometimes it is important to add the names of temporary workers to the project as well. For example, to put accreditations in their names. This is also possible now. When we right-click on the name of the temporary agency in the planning's detail screen, the name can be changed immediately and will be visible everywhere.

If you are interested and think this could be a great help in your planning, please contact one of our account managers.