Facility rental

Do you rent out stages, tents, water, electricity and/or sanitary facilities?
(Mobile) expo, containers and other facilities? Especially for this sector, we have the appropriate modules that are indispensable for smooth automation.

Item- and tent configurator

Tent and Podia manufacturers often have to deal with very complex "assembled" articles. Configuring a tent, for example, often consists of a question-and-answer game. You can set all the questions you need for the configuration of a tent or stage yourself. How many doors, bridges, how many "emergency exits", how many headliners etc. By completing the questions, RentBuddy generates your bill of materials fully automatically and, if desired, shows the availability of the materials immediately and can calculate the price in one go.

SCAD/ PYTA drawing program link

With the Article Configurator module, you also get direct access to the possibility of importing CAD exports into RentBuddy. You make a technical drawing in Scad or Pyta, for example, and take care of the export. We ensure that the articles are reserved in RentBuddy. The link has been made so that you can import multiple exports at the same time. Do you have a festival with 5 areas and 5 different drawings? Then this can be imported virtually in one go. 

Virtual returns

It is high season. The materials are almost continuously in the field at your projects. There is no time to lose. It is therefore all too often the case that Project B automatically needs materials from your Project A. Materials do not return to the warehouse, but are immediately taken to the next location. But what does this mean for your materials planning? Indeed, materials could be treated as "in and out". But in your trucks are the materials from Project A that will go on to Project B, but will not be used there. So according to your planning, they are not reserved! But at the end of the day, even though they are not (financially) rented out, it must be clear that they are not available within your warehouse. Voila, our virtual planning takes care of the complete planning and insight.

Staff and vehicle planning

RentBuddy offers extensive personnel and vehicle planning.
Personnel can be planned for projects, but it is also possible to add individual plans.
Availability, leave and any working hours can be taken into account during the planning. It is also possible to invite staff via e-mail or RentBuddy App, and call sheets can be printed out. 

Making offers

Sending out your quotations must be done easily and well. A good overview of previously created quotations is of great importance. A beautiful and unique quotation layout is also an image to the outside world. With our extensive tools, you can create beautiful and extensive quotations the way you want them!

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