Material management

The backbone of any rental company is the management of the materials/items. One must be able to trust blindly in the availability of the materials.

Material management

Managing the materials/items is the basis of your rental company. After all, you want to have a good overview of this when it comes to stock calculations, serial number registration and any costs involved.

Classifying article groups

It is possible to divide a Item into one or more groups. You can use an article headgroup with article groups in it. If you want to go a step further, you can even place the main article groups in categories

Various article types

We support various types of articles. RentBuddy distinguishes between Rental, Sales, Services, Personnel, Transport, Hire and Packaging articles.

Compounds / Flexible sets

All articles can be divided into Loose and Fixed Compounds and/or complete Flexible Sets. Every user has its own vision on the use of compositions. A party rental company works completely differently to an AV rental company or a marquee rental company. During a conversation with a demo, we can use our experience to indicate exactly how they can best be applied to your organisation. 

Accessories / components

Defining accessories or combining articles can also be recorded within the article management, so that you never forget to include a Item in your quotation. If a microphone is rented, the question of whether a tripod is needed can automatically arise. Or if you rent out a barbeque, it's handy to immediately ask if charcoal must be supplied as well. Just a few examples of how RentBuddy can support you.

Multiple warehouses

RentBuddy is one of the few rental software suppliers that supports a true multi-warehouse system. This means that there is support for registering materials in multiple warehouses that may also be divided into multiple branches or multiple administrative entities. RentBuddy has no limitations on the number of warehouses that can be registered.  

Warehouse locations and warehouse areas

In addition, items can be classified within the warehouse into warehouse zones and warehouse locations. Generating a packing list by walking route or being able to act even more efficiently in your warehouse has become a lot easier.

Delivery and returns

The delivery and return of articles can of course be done manually using packing and return slips, but there is also the option of using the RentBuddy Scan App. This enables you to provide all items with unique serial numbers, RFID numbers and inventory numbers.
Even if there is no space on the Item to provide a barcode sticker, we offer a solution for this.  

Weights and volumes

Weights and volumes can be defined for each Item . RentBuddy also takes into account that articles can be combined in a composition, so that the weights and volumes of the whole composition must be applied. Weights and volumes are reflected in the warehouse and vehicle planning.

Load times

To estimate how busy the warehouse will be, you can probably look at weights and volumes, but if you want to be more accurate, you will need to record loading and unloading times. With this information, the programme can provide an overview that can be useful for the warehouse occupancy. 

Multiple languages

Articles can be provided with translations. The number of languages is unlimited. Descriptions can be defined for each language. Within the layouts, you can also choose to have the descriptions of the articles and descriptions in the relevant language for international customers. For our Belgian users, this is indispensable for easily producing a Dutch or French quotation.

Pictures, manuals, documentation

Per Item you can store photos, manuals and other documentation. This number is also unlimited.

Prices and discounts

Prices, volume discounts, customer discounts and brand discounts can be set per Item. Each price and/or discount has a "from date", which shows from when the price and/or discount is valid. This means that you can build up a history of your prices and discounts. But it also means that you can make price changes in the future and have them applied immediately to newly created future projects. 

Price tables

In addition to your standard product prices, you can set multiple prices and link them to a price table. For example, you can have a price table with special prices for Business to Business or prices for individuals. Or think of special prices for fairs? The number of price tables is unlimited. 

Cost calculations

RentBuddy has a simple and extensive cost price calculation. You can simply enter one amount as the cost price, but it is also possible to record all the costs, one-off costs and recurring costs, so that RentBuddy can make a calculation. This is then shown in the post-calculation of the project.

Linking general ledger accounts

You don't want to bother warehouse workers with financial data. A new Item must be easy to create without having to worry about ledger accounts. RentBuddy has tackled this cleverly by using Booking Profiles. This enables the administration to give simple names to a set of ledger accounts. Think of lighting, sound, furniture, crockery, etc. The correct different ledger accounts can then be linked to each booking profile. And the warehouse manager understands that, when a new set of crockery is required, the SERVIES entry profile makes it clear what he has to do.

Defining alternatives

You want as few mistakes as possible and the customer to be served in the best possible way. That is why it is possible to record alternatives per Item. This means that as soon as a Item is out of stock, it is possible to search for alternatives from within the project using the right mouse button. In this way, part or even all of the items can immediately be replaced by the alternative Item. This prevents unnecessary hiring or selling 'No' to the customer.

Packaging calculations

In the party rental business, you often have to deal with empty barrels, PET bottles etc. Or in the tool rental business with wear parts and fuel tanks. A good packaging calculation can be an important tool in this.
For example, it is possible to record how many full and empty bottles have been returned and the software automatically calculates what should happen to the packaging. It is made in such a way that it also keeps track of exactly how much packaging we expect to count in the warehouse.  

Calculating cleaning costs

Per Item you can indicate how the cleaning costs should be calculated. This can be an amount or a percentage. Also you can indicate if it per Item should be added automatically or if it should be a collection of the cleaning costs, so that this comes back as one line on the quotation and/or invoice. Of course you are not obliged to link the cleaning costs.


Several suppliers can be linked to articles, whereby the price agreements can also be recorded immediately. But also whether partial delivery is allowed and what the other agreements are.
In addition, you can register the supplier's article code, so that you can pass on his article code directly when hiring or purchasing the relevant Item. 

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Material management

From single rental items, to loose and fixed items, combinations and alternatives.


From a single storage area to multiple warehouses with transfers and internal movements of material.

Quotations, rentals and sales

From quotation to order confirmation and from hiring and purchasing to sales and installation projects.

Staff and vehicle planning

Detailed timetables, inviting staff and assigning functions to your projects.

Time and expense registration

The personnel module with the hour, expense and leave and overtime registration

Backstage mobile app

Providing call sheets, feedback and repair notifications to both in-house and freelancers.

Service, repair and maintenance

Manage your own materials or service and/or repair third-party materials, as well as view inspection days.

Financial administration

A fully integrated financial administration or links to external financial packages.