Scan & Recognize

Scan and Recognize

An average landlord quickly has about 3,000 purchase invoices to process per year and some, who also use many freelancers, a multiple of that. Just calculate how much time you can save by being able to process a large portion of these invoices almost fully automatically? What's more, RentBuddy's Scan & Recognize module also prevents many errors. An invoice is recognized on average between 1 to 5 seconds by our combined forces of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotic accounting and OCR software.   

If you also own RentBuddy Finance, then this module is a must-have for your financial administration.

Below we have created a short video to show how purchase invoices are booked and journalized almost fully automatically with the push of a button.

Don't use RentBuddy Finance (yet)?

We are now proud to say that over 75% of our clients also use RentBuddy Finance in combination with our rental software. A totally integrated financial administration has many advantages. 

  • Why still export all your sales invoices to another financial package when they are already present in RentBuddy Rent?
  • What better way to keep track of your purchase invoices from freelancers than to also record them in RentBuddy Rent and check them with your Personnel Planning.
  • They often choose the software solution the external accountant/bookkeeper works with (Exact, Unit4, Snelstart...) But you already do the daily bank statement processing, purchase invoice checking and often the VAT return(s) yourself. Accountants themselves are increasingly divesting the daily work to its clients. So why not do that last step yourself as well and take advantage of the great benefits?

You can link most national and international banks directly to RentBuddy. Bank transactions are in RentBuddy Finance within seconds of receipt. We even integrate your PayPal account and payments.

Using this Scan & Recognize module, your purchase invoices are integrated almost fully automatically. 

If you work with RentBuddy SmartDocs at cloud, then your accountant even has direct access to RentBuddy Finance and has all invoices/digital receipts readily available.

What does Scan & Recognize cost?

The Scan & Recognize module itself is part of RentBuddy Finance and therefore available FREE in this module. You only pay for the scanned purchase invoices. You buy these credits in advance using a prepaid scale. The more credits you buy, the cheaper your scans become. Because you can reasonably estimate how many purchase invoices you will have per year, you can purchase them with confidence. Credits never expire as long as the RentBuddy Finance module is part of your licenses.

Interested? Get in touch with your account manager or contact person and we will be happy to explain what we can do for you in this regard.

Since we have been using Scan & Recognize, we sometimes had to wonder if it was all right? Recognition was so fast and completely automatic that we wondered if it was all right. It has really saved us a lot of time and we can focus on the content of the purchase invoice itself.