Dryhire / Dryhire

Tool and party hire companies often have to deal with dryhire customers. With the additional module Counter / Dryhire rental, the focus is on quickly entering a rental order.


With the additional module Counter / Dryhire rental, the focus is on quickly entering a rental order. Accepting and returning items must be done quickly and correctly at the counter.
In addition, payments can be arranged directly through the cash register system. All the bookings that are made are reflected in the RentBuddy Financial module.  

Fast interface

With the additional module Front Desk / Dryhire rental, the focus is on quickly entering a rental order. When a customer is at the counter and a reservation needs to be made immediately, you want to do this with as few actions as possible. That is why the Dryhire contains only the functionalities that one needs for Dryhire.

Long-term / periodic billing

Especially for the counter rental module, we have made a new long term invoicing available. In some branches, where many items are delivered from the counter, it is difficult to estimate an end date for the rental. Therefore, periodic invoicing for long-term projects is used. How this process works and how it can be set up you can read further on.

Cash Statements

Rented items are often paid for directly at the counter. RentBuddy gives your organisation the possibility of recording the cash register transactions. An unlimited number of cash registers can be created. It can be recorded per transaction whether the customer pays in cash or by debit card. Or whether there is a deposit or whether the customer can pay on account after all.


RentBuddy can automatically calculate the guarantees received. But also whether the customer has to pay a deposit. Think of your regular customers who go on account. In the counter/dryhire rentals, the guarantees can be paid later or possibly set off against the final invoice. If you use RentBuddy's financial module, deposits are automatically sent to the bank via a payment batch after your invoices have been settled.

Provide serial numbers directly

As the counter/dryhire rental has been created for faster rentals, it has also been made possible to immediately record a serial number and give it to your customer.  

Fast return of articles

When items are returned, you also want to arrange this at the counter as quickly and effectively as possible. An accelerated returns screen allows you to return all or part of an item with minimal intervention. Articles that have not been returned will be immediately renewed until a date that you specify. 

Cash book / Pinning (Z-statement)

Of course, a cash register also includes journalisation in the cash book. At least, if you are using RentBuddy's financial package. The cash account is printed daily by means of a Z-statement. When the cash register is posted, the journal entries are automatically posted to the linked cash book, so that all the amounts are posted to the correct ledger accounts, right down to the rent receipt level.

Rental receipts

There is no need to make a detailed quotation when renting at the counter. With the press of a button, a rental receipt can be created immediately. The signature can also be retrieved immediately and, if you wish, the invoice can be sent directly to the client.  

Tariff structure (daily prices, weekly prices, consecutive days)

Items are often rented out for longer periods of time from the counter/dryhire rental than with a regular rental order where the end date is often already known in advance. All items can be provided with daily prices, weekly prices and what the follow-up days do to that price. During an extensive demo we can explain in detail what the possibilities are per Item. 

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