Machine and tool hire

Fast renting and returning by means of Dryhire with cash register handling. Long-term renting with periodic billing and specific pricing and damage regulations.


In contrast to large, complex rental projects, we offer a quick settlement of a rental invoice, especially for the dry-hire . In the party and tool rental business, this is an everyday occurrence. The Dryhire is a fast, simplified registration of your rental orders.

Tariff structure

Items are often rented out for longer periods from the counter/dryhire rental than with a regular rental order. All items can be provided with daily prices, weekly prices and what the follow-up days do to that price. During an extensive demo we are happy to show you the possibilities of this per Item. Think also of guarantees, damage settlements and other discounts and surcharges.

Cash and Deposit Statements

Rented items are often paid for directly at the counter using the cash register. Rentbuddy gives your organisation the possibility to record the cash register transactions financially and to print and journalise the daily cash statement via a Z-statement. An unlimited number of cash registers can be created and accounted for. 

Deposits can be recorded per Item and determined per customer during checkout. When you use RentBuddy Finance, a payment batch can be created for the bank fully automatically to transfer the deposits back to the customer after settlement.

Staff and vehicle planning

RentBuddy offers extensive personnel and vehicle planning.
Personnel can be planned for projects, but it is also possible to add individual plans.
Availability, leave and any working hours can be taken into account during the planning. It is also possible to invite staff via e-mail or RentBuddy App, and call sheets can be printed out.

Making offers

Sending out your quotations must be done easily and well. A good overview of previously created quotations is of great importance. A beautiful and unique quotation layout is also an image to the outside world. With our extensive tools, you can create beautiful and extensive quotations the way you want them! 

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