RentBuddy Hand Scanner

The RentBuddy hand scanner was specially developed to handle packing slips in a digitalised way. Of course, always up to date and no misunderstandings about an out-of-date packing slip being loaded. 

RentBuddy Hand Scanner

In the warehouse you want to work more and more efficiently. Scanning articles in and out with serial numbers, inventory numbers and/or QR or barcodes can help with this. RentBuddy has an Android scanner application available especially for this purpose.

Scan serial number

Your own Android hand scanner often has a 1D and 2D laser scan. This means that virtually all barcode types are supported, such as QR codes, code95, etc. When the RentBuddy scanner receives a unique serial number, the Item can be immediately recognised and ticked off the packing list or turnip list.

Manual collection or return

The RentBuddy hand scanner also offers the possibility of picking or returning articles without serial numbers. This is handy when there is no space on the Item to place a barcode/serial number sticker. The manual picking or returning can be done per piece, but also for several pieces per Item at the same time. In this way you can pick up or return 20 trusses with a few actions. 

Track & Trace of serial numbers

All serial numbers scanned with the hand scanner are kept in RentBuddy and can be traced both from the hand scanner and RentBuddy itself. Using track & trace, we know exactly where they have been or where the items are currently being used.

Pre-defined crates / Defined boxes

In addition to compositions in your item management, you also have the option of defining predefined boxes or set packaging in the system. This means that you can start putting together crates in your warehouse with loose articles.
When picking articles, these crates can be scanned and the loose articles are automatically picked on the packing list. The crates can be provided with unique tags, which reduces the chance of misreading the right articles. We now have a lot of experience with fixed cases, which means that sealing the cases ensures that the materials are inspected/tested and complete. 

For example, you can register a box with 4 unique lamps with serial numbers and provide it with a sealed label. If you have to take 12 lamps with you, then your warehouse scans 3 crates so that RentBuddy knows exactly which 12 serial numbers will be taken on the job. And your employees know for sure, because of the seal, that the materials are complete and have been tested. 


Create new serial numbers directly in RentBuddy

The RentBuddy hand scanner makes it possible to create new serial numbers directly in the ERP System. When a new Item is received, the serial number/barcode sticker can be put on the Item right away, and the RentBuddy hand scanner can be used to create the unique number directly in the software.

After this you can immediately use the new serial number when picking a packing list. 


Item stock/availability

The hand scanner can be used to search for articles and will show the stock and availability. This way, as a warehouse employee you know immediately whether it is possible to bring a certain Item to the project. 

Extra picking

Sometimes items are forgotten or it is handy to have some extra items to take along. The hand scanner makes it possible to pick EXTRA articles per packing list and to take them with you to the project. The project will clearly show when extra items have been taken, so that no materials are lost. You can also see perfectly from the packing and return notes what extra items have been taken.

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RentBuddy CRM can compete with renowned CRM applications and links to Postcode and KvK.

Material management

From single rental items, to loose and fixed items, combinations and alternatives.


From a single storage area to multiple warehouses with transfers and internal movements of material.

Quotations, rentals and sales

From quotation to order confirmation and from hiring and purchasing to sales and installation projects.

Staff and vehicle planning

Detailed timetables, inviting staff and assigning functions to your projects.

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The personnel module with the hour, expense and leave and overtime registration

Backstage mobile app

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Manage your own materials or service and/or repair third-party materials, as well as view inspection days.

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A fully integrated financial administration or links to external financial packages.