Service and maintenance

Articles sometimes break and need to be repaired.
Items also need to be regularly maintained and recorded.

Service and maintenance

Articles sometimes break and need to be repaired as soon as possible. Articles must also be serviced regularly and this must be registered in the system. RentBuddy has a simple procedure for reserving articles for service and maintenance. But RentBuddy also has an extra extensive repair module under the name 'Repair for third parties'. 

Cause and planning

Sometimes a damage that has occurred can have one and the same cause.
Recording these fixed causes, such as 'dropping', 'breakage', can give you a good overview.
It can also be a periodic service/maintenance, which you then want to record for your planning. Think of 'annual inspections', 'running hours achieved' etc.

Outstanding service receipts

All service and maintenance events contain a start and end date, so they can be taken into account in the material planning. There is an overview where you can see which are the current outstanding service orders and which have already been paid.

Grant deadline

For information purposes, a deadline can be set for each service and maintenance. The deadline is clearly indicated in the service and maintenance overview, so that it can be taken into account in your own planning.

Material planning view

There are various stock and availability screens, which give you an insight into the material planning. They also show you when a Item has been reserved on a service note.

Complaints and notes

Large free fields have been added, in which you can make notes about the complaints and problems of the disturbance and space for any other notes you might want to include. 


Service/maintenance by serial number

Service and maintenance can also be recorded at serial number/inventory number level. In this way, you also know exactly how often and what complaints there are for a certain unique serial number or Item. 


All service and maintenance that you have registered is neatly stored in the system. This creates an extensive history per Item or per serial number. This way, you will eventually know whether the Item is due for replacement or not. 

RMA / Supplier

When a Item has to be sent to a supplier, you can record the supplier and the RMA number in the service and maintenance module. It is also possible to see when the Item was sent and also when it was received back. A supplier can of course also be your repair partner.

Repair Coupon / Label

It is possible to print a repair coupon or repair label.
This is a custom layout that you can add your own layout to.

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Service, repair and maintenance

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