You have chosen not to purchase our software but to use one of our subscriptions. On this page you can get an indication of the costs using our license calculator.

We also like it so much when you contact us. Then together we will see what is the best solution for your rental business. 

Subscription or purchase?

With us, both are possible. We don't have to explain to you, as we often do, that subscriptions are always more expensive in the long run than our license purchases. After three years you will pay significantly less than subscriptions because then there is only a prolongation of the maintenance contract. An example? A FULL license costs € 427.50 per year (or € 35.63 per month). Below is an indication of our subscription prices, but our staff will gladly calculate with you what is the most advantageous for you. If you have any questions, please contact one of our account managers. Would you like to use RentBuddy on your own server or network environment? That is also possible. Please contact us and we will go through the possibilities with you.

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RentBuddy Cloud Subscriptions
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RentBuddy Finance
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Why should you choose RentBuddy?

We are surprised every time this "open" question is asked of us? While the question in itself is quite legitimate. But then is the price the only decision on which you determine the choice we think?

You also don't go to a building contractor and ask him "What does a complete house cost with you?" Or you also don't go to a BMW dealer for an X5 and then buy a much smaller car because it's much cheaper right?

Therefore, get well educated about how far a software package goes, what is important to you, what your own needs are in terms of automation and then see if you like one package better than another. In addition, it is often just like with a car salesman, do you want a car on the market or do you import a foreign car via Autoscout24 as a bargain or do you rather trust your dealer on the corner, who knows you personally, thinks with you and uses his knowledge and experience to relieve you completely of difficult technical issues. "As long as it drives well and if there are any problems I can always go to." 

This is a bit of what we want to stand for as much and as sincerely as possible. Something that is experienced by many of our customers and therefore for often more than 10 years we may be their automation partner. And yes you must have heard another story about us from a colleague. Because in every marriage things sometimes go the other way, but if you are always open and honest with each other, our goal is to reach our Golden Wedding together with you and become "old" together in a modern marriage of today. 

You can. Then you must choose to purchase our licenses. You then run our software on your own network environment (OnPremises). All combinations are possible. So you can also run partially in the cloud for documents and communication with the BackStage App and still run your software locally. If you do not want to have to worry about all this, then also choose subscriptions or buy the licenses on our cloud server.

RentBuddy can be supplemented with RentBuddy Finance. This is a complete (especially for Dutch landlords) financial package that enables you to do all of your bookkeeping. We can link your bank accounts to RentBuddy finance through our partners and retrieve your bank mutations every day with the press of a button. With the Scan&Herken module we can read your purchase invoices in full and almost automatically book all of them. The journalization of your rental invoices can be broken down into general ledger accounts, cost centres and cost carriers without limitation and you can use two administrations (additional administrations are possible at an additional cost). From ICP to VAT returns and from fixed journal entries to preparing your financial statements. With RentBuddy Finance you can "replace" your current financial software and it is still possible to link it to your accountant's software including Exact Online, Unit4 or Snelstart for example.

Most vendors shout that it's all no big deal. That it's simple and a click of a button. We do not believe in that. RentBuddy Rent is a complete ERP package in which your entire CRM/relationship management, Quotation management, Material and Warehouse are automated. In addition, integration with a full accounting system. You don't do all that "overnight." Hence, implementing ERP software is a serious investment in which you will certainly reap the benefits afterwards. The requirements that you set for your administration are also important: how quickly and extensively do you want RentBuddy to support you? You can quickly make a quotation, make a packing list, send an invoice and complete a project. But perhaps it is not for nothing that RentBuddy is often used in the top segment of the rental industry. The higher your demands and expectations of automation, the better RentBuddy will be the solution for you.

That's right. We still like to do business on a personal level. For a demonstration, we don't set up a ZOOM meeting; we still like to get in the car to come to your location to give a demonstration in person. We know almost all of our customers personally and go through the implementation together with your key user. RentBuddy is happy to give your employees direct support on location and we give various annual courses at our office where you can share experiences with other users and learn from each other. As a supplier you deliver a product for the market. We do that too, of course, but the experience of many of our users is that they see their (often shared) wishes from practice reflected in the package a few updates later. RentBuddy is therefore known for releasing several updates on a monthly basis (see our release notes :

RentBuddy is a WINDOWS application that runs locally on your windows computer. Compare it to Adobe. You can exchange data with colleagues at cloud, but you run the software locally by simply installing it. Installing RentBuddy on any PC is a simple click and all updates are installed fully automatically without you having to do anything. If you do only have a MAC then that doesn't have to be a problem either. We have several customers running window applications with software like Parallels for example. Perhaps you already have other window applications running on your MAC in this way. RentBuddy will work no differently and can be used this way. 

That's right. That's our fault. We are actually far too modest and we set our bar so high that we are always "negative" about ourselves. For example, an external consultant recently shouted at us why are you always so critical and negative about yourselves internally while he is actually convinced that we offer the most complete and well thought-out rental solution to clients. For example, our clients are probably the top of the event industry for a reason but you see the names almost nowhere on our website. It is often the case that prospects are referred to us through our clients. And you could argue that that may not be commercially smart. Our con-colleagues are proud and mention the number of clients, users and some even pretend to have the wisdom by telling the whole industry how it is? Advising you on how to run your rental business. As if, after 20 years of building a great company, you don't know how it works? As if you are a startup. No let's just sit in the lee and support our top clients.
Moving forward. If we could just mention one set of references to give you an idea of who we work for and who we are:

  • RentAll Group (including Phlipo, ASP, Focus, Chain, Van der Veen etc)
  • Faber AV (NEP Group)
  • The PowerShop
  • Van Ham tents and stages (and now all of Martijn van den Broek's companies)
  •  MMC (Magic Media Company Germany with 36 television studios including all their subsidiaries)
  • 't Hekeltje Party Rental
  • Stagelight
  • Movico Deurne
  • Nightlife
  • Hoevenaars Light & Sound
  • Baselmans
  • Intersettle
  • Van Stokkum seatings
  • Triple Show Technology
  • HVR ShowEquipment
  • WG Theater Technology
  • Antonis Sanitary Rental
  • DeLoods
  • Story Pro
Now I hear you thinking those are very large parties. Indeed . But don't forget that many have grown together with us. Van Ham tents started as a nice rental company but by now you know how big they have become. We went through that path together with them. Although, of course, most of the credit goes to the entrepreneur and his heroes. Faber AV started with us as an AV rental company, grew into the most important European supplier of LED boardings and even after joining the NEP group we continued to grow together with them and to this day we are their automation partner. Together with Movico we continued to build on their improved automation to help support the sports world including, for example, projects such as the Tour de France even better. And this is just a small selection from the top segment.

But in addition to these great customers in the upper segment, we are just as proud of the "medium-sized" parties that do value automation highly and work with us just as well. Because to us, everyone is equal. We do not go for the large number of users in the world, but focus on a smaller group of professionals. Like, Lek Bloemenservice, Remote Rental, Watts, Rinico tent rentals and more than 100 other rental companies.